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How to identify poor quality office furniture

&Nbsp;   desk not the fumigation and anti-moth plate, so the furniture very high moisture, easy to create the furniture after a period of use appear deformed or cracked or moldy. Worm-eaten wood Executive desk after appears empty, broken or uneven.
&Nbsp;   the third move: material mixed bag
&Nbsp;   due to artificial Board furniture veneer painted or sticker, although parts of the furniture Cabinet look consistent, but the core material in the furniture is replaced by the manufacturers material critical locations. Such as the predecessor of the Office file cabinets and doors using environmental protection melamine panels, the back plate to the poor standard of the use of heavy plate.
&Nbsp;   fourth move: Jerry
&Nbsp;   due to the type of furniture used Panel are all made of plywood, absorbs water easily, so its waterproof properties must be dealt with through PVC and veneer edge banding. While some manufacturers in order to save the process and cost, invisible junction without edge furniture, furniture, water damp or fracture, and formaldehyde is in the open State, is very harmful to the human body.
&Nbsp;   fifth: hardware is replaced
&Nbsp;   cheap low price hardware Cabinet glass door without bead, only nails easy positioning. This Jerry-building practices vulnerable to broken glass door.

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