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New trend of furniture styles

&Nbsp;   in the design of new office furniture, thick hardwood, high-grade leather shadow disappears, in Exchange for fresh wood, simple flowing lines, intelligent human design.
&Nbsp;  , very simplified style
&Nbsp;   is now gradually being domestic infection of the international forefront of minimalist design has always been composed of office furniture is also popular routes. "L"-shaped desk is not as tightly as desk before, large blank desktop below, to bring light and comfortable visual experience, matching cabinets with simple straight lines. Fresh white and stylish wood grain veneer instead of the heavy, desk show younger.
&Nbsp;   II, mechanized operation
&Nbsp;   office furniture design is another trend of the application of new technology. Traditional handle, key lock drawers with different, the latest furniture designs into a lot of current cutting-edge technology, like the touch switch doors, electronic lift controls, remote control switch, touch controller, integrating new technology into the Office furniture, enhancing the sense of office furniture.
&Nbsp;   appearance by virtue of the sheer sense of design, Office furniture is no longer a exists only for face, a little more laid-back temperament. In addition to use in Office space, but also by the many families of all ages. As a study of office furniture, Office furniture now has never considered incompatible with the whole home space.

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