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"Zero formaldehyde furniture" future home of new trends in the industry

&Nbsp;   "zero formaldehyde" commercial value and future trend of home industry
&Nbsp;   formaldehyde is world Shang recognized of potential carcinogenic real, was national as high HIV chemicals, will strongly stimulus eyes, and skin, and respiratory Mucosa,, usually will makes people produced sleepy, and unable to, and chest stuffy, and trance and allergy, phenomenon, eventually will caused immune function exception, liver injury and the nerve center system by effect, will led to fetal deformity, and leukemia, and chronic respiratory disease, and women menstrual disorder, and acute spirit depression, and nasopharyngeal cancer, disease, Is a problem difficult to avoid for the home improvement process, household consumption has always been in the focus of attention. In home improvement, man-made planks and their products, adhesives, coatings, wood furniture, wallpaper, WALL CLOTH, grey with 107 glue, plywood, and flooring adhesive 804, poor adhesive, foam, paint and other potentially formaldehyde and volatile. General Panel and persistent root causes of formaldehyde, is a wood panel manufacturing process requires the use of formaldehyde adhesive, such as urea-formaldehyde resin. This adhesive is itself directly with formaldehyde and urea compounds. Because of low prices, bond is better, so is widely used in artificial board manufacturing process. But the biggest weakness of the gel, in spontaneous decomposition under natural conditions will continue to restore and re-release of free formaldehyde. And under hot and humid environment, the decomposition, the reaction rate will double its deliquescence. With the improvement of life quality of consumers, and to "green" household requirements of environmental protection, consumers have a large expertise, shop around, "zero formaldehyde" furniture will become its consumer choice. That is "0 formaldehyde" plate of appeared, for businesses and consumers, are undoubtedly is root help straw, its commercial value immeasurable, this from section treasure boloni, and Haier, and shuaikang, and East easy day sheng, and hongyang home, and poems Niemann, and card here Asia, these domestic well-known of home home industry big brand of "0 formaldehyde" brand commitment and the consumers of praised and recognized on can see future home industry of times will is "0 formaldehyde" furniture of trend. "Zero formaldehyde" home "zero formaldehyde" is based on what?
&Nbsp;   Guangzhou fair China furniture pattern to the "zero formaldehyde" times change
&Nbsp;   as far as I know what "first Asian building materials exhibition" reputation of the 13th International building decoration fair, Guangzhou has opened on July 8, exhibitors are among the industry's most influential companies. Wanhua ecological panels company limited will be as an exhibitor is invited to participate. This session of the Guangzhou Expo Cabinet, wardrobe in the less to the more professional and influential exhibition platform for growth reflect the development needs of the industry, in turn promoting the brand building, channel development of the industry. In addition, said Zhang Chuanxi, President, we must firmly grasp a little---to research and development and production of our own products, to come out from the numerous brands. Wanhua Wo Heung's exhibition is this fair to the furniture industry has injected a powerful cardiac stimulant, independent research and development, product is excellent, highly recognized and well received by domestic and foreign experts and Chinese strength, I believe that our artificial Board furniture industry in parallel with European brands, world standards will also not far behind.
&Nbsp;   of the increasingly fierce competition in the furniture industry, even if the pressure and challenges, opportunities and development, who can rapidly attack, seize the quality to high, who will be able to take the lead and become the industry leader in market winners. Wanhua eco-head of the company said, 2011 Chinese furniture markets of Guangzhou fair will occur in "zero formaldehyde" marked a new pattern, made "zero formaldehyde" furniture has arrived. "Zero formaldehyde" furniture, furniture industry will lead the future development trend of this trend, businesses and consumers will be beneficiaries of this pattern.

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