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Old furniture and maintenance methods

&Nbsp;   1, good climate, ideal humidity is about 40%, if long-term use of air conditioners, in the basin of water beside it.
&Nbsp;   2, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, so easy to balance it with wood moisture, resulting in cracks.
&Nbsp;   3, three months on wax, waxing is not too dense, it can clog the pores of the wood.
&Nbsp;   4, avoid placing hot items directly in the table, will damage the surface of the protective paint and wax.
&Nbsp;   5, temperature should not be too large, from air conditioner switches off, causing temperature changes dramatically.
&Nbsp;   6, use a soft cotton cloth or a soft brush to clean, avoid using metal brushes, bristle brushes or abrasive cloth.
&Nbsp;   7, to avoid bumps and hard scratching, especially reminded the children of the family.

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