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Experts remind you of home prices

&Nbsp;   home furniture industry may rise during the year, from furniture to edit information
&Nbsp;   wood cost increases will have a direct impact on Office furniture and home improvement industries closely related with the community.
&Nbsp;   reporter then interviewed Hansen in XI Zhai office furniture city surveys, furniture has not raised the price in the current market, "furniture store with information suppliers General Yi signed a long contract, price will not change immediately. "A wood furniture stores as people introduce Wang Misi told journalists.
&Nbsp;   and closely related family decoration plate is shaken in price in the near future, teachers said Wu of the operating plate, because of higher costs, raised prices after the year.
&Nbsp;   in this regard, industry analysis, if prices rise marginally, Office within the home improvement company General digestive loss.
&Nbsp;   If a larger, Office furniture, home improvement industry to accept "dark rose any rose" will let the amplitude, so that consumers in mind more easily afford.

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