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Role of Feng Shui screens

&Nbsp;   all blocked goods, plant and office furniture-screens on which everyone can use other things like Bagua mirrors, bells, salt water, feeds paper and sword, as it involves more professional part, and some things doping superstitious color on the inside, so here, I do not encourage you to use.
&Nbsp;   However, the selection of plants, please try to use of leafy green plants, other colors or small leaves or even a vine type plant, the magnetic field will not help you to not use errors, but will have the opposite effect.
&Nbsp;   screen option, first material; it is best to use wooden screens, including the bamboo screen and paper screen, are of the wooden screen. Plastic and metallic screen effect is relatively poor, especially metal screens, magnetic field of its own instability, but also interfere with the body's magnetic field, using less is wonderful!
&Nbsp;   Furthermore, the height of the screen is not too high, preferably no more than the average person when standing height; otherwise, unstable screen too high Center of gravity, it is easy to give pressure, potentially resulting in users ' mental burden.
&Nbsp;   plants and screens can be used in the following situations:
&Nbsp;   (1) pot across noxious gas, if you of seat are ahead or next just has toilet Shi, can in seat and toilet Zhijian, put some wide leaves class large pot, comes it can sucking off from toilet of noxious gas (similar air clean machine of effect), second can block off bad of magnetic field; but, this strains specifically sucking noxious gas of plant best is several months on for once (on and regularly cleaning air-conditioning machine of filter network as); or, Every few months to make it to the outside air (photosynthesis), this will not disturb the plants getting dirty, spits out is no longer clean air, instead of making you have been victim of dirty.
&Nbsp;   (2) with a screen across the King ritual, whether you're a general officer or Senior Executive seating facing the boss room, best used large broad-leaf plants out in the Middle, not suitable for screen, otherwise, your relationship and your boss will be a screen is completely isolated.
&Nbsp;   (3) when the front seats are being exposed to someone, this is one of rush, best between two people with potted plants or things like some archives; remember that! Never place sharp or metal or something of that kind, or rushing and other evil forces will be strong, each other's magnetic field interference even more emphasis.
&Nbsp;   (4) corridor into the seat, you can put a large broadleaf plants in front of the desk, fends off the envelope from the aisles; but the height of the pot should not be too high, or too low while the man is sitting, can block the front sight can be.
&Nbsp;   (5) in front of or behind large appliances, large broadleaf plants that are available out of the Middle, but these plants used to keep the envelope, it is best to change every three months, or get outside (balcony) Sun day, full photosynthetic plants, ventilation (noxious gas discharges). Otherwise, block plants longer, just like the air filter is dirty, long impervious to evil spirit, on the other hand, plants themselves also become noxious gas source, then your seat wall.

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