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Price chaos in furniture market fancy

&Nbsp;   less than 50 percent of the prices very cheap? About 90 percent of the discount must be worthwhile? If you often attention office furniture market of market on will found: in some businesses, 50 percent offers almost is cases brand price, so, has expert refers to, actually 50 percent of price does not is low; and addition some businesses, basically is not discount sold of, so, 90 percent also is a rare of real, Office furniture market of chaos, is let people "Halo Tuo Tuo".
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&Nbsp;   table   solid wood Conference tables    plate
&Nbsp;   believe that many often go to the home store's friends took note of the fact that: most of the shops are able to get a discount, and there is almost no products sold at full price. This phenomenon is also a reporter recently visited the city's nearly 10-well-known home store survey of the facts, but in the case of discounts is very different.
&Nbsp;   Office Chair   Chair   mesh Chair home market price system, how can a "mess"?
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&Nbsp;   price of the same product in different
&Nbsp;   began in mid-August this year, in order to make room for new stock on the preparation for the September, many desks furniture store clearance sale, discount activities have been held. Careful consumer will find, very different sales price provided by major businesses, in different stores, even for different brands of the same product, would not the same price. For example, the same Panyu household stores, are a type of furniture brand with a product, shopping in a store offer environment better than another vintage store prices high around 10% with no air conditioning. Rental costs will directly affect the quotation.
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&Nbsp;   whole lowest stunt
&Nbsp;   the so-called discount office furniture businesses, a lot of moisture, store advertising of businesses see most often is "all historically low discounts". Worth noting is that "discount" does not mean "lowest price". It is understood that some discounts to product "historic low", transport and Assembly costs are calculated, with discounted prices before actually makes no difference. Some businesses directly to raise product prices, discount of another may seem like a lot to fool consumers.

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