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Life light modern new furnished three tips

&Nbsp;   have this experience? In the flea market to see a wardrobe painted parquet, hard bargain buying after it was discovered that partition is not practical, where there is no hanging clothes, pretty hat chairs sit feet reach the ground in the South; several cases bought too long ... ... Want to buy furniture full of Chinese original charm, it seems not very useful. So, Chinese furniture to use for the modern man, retains the traditional style in design and style, production without losing the essence of the Ming and Qing furniture, but also makes it more easy to use, comfortable?
&Nbsp;   antique furniture and a new thrust of life
&Nbsp;   moved into the modern family, traditional furniture, and and a perfect blend of modern life, and needed three points.
&Nbsp;   1. ratio: ancient Chinese furniture style and color are very strong, so families who don't want to change the original modern, Western-style furniture and furniture in accordance with 7:3 of the match.
&Nbsp;   2. Antiquities new: formerly used to make till large cabinets and medicine cabinets as bookshelves, CD and TV cabinet to use combination of classic furnishings and modern appliances, will show you another kind of beauty.
&Nbsp;   Executive desk   glass table   Panel Executive desk   wood Executive desk
&Nbsp;   table   solid wood Conference tables   glass table   Panel conference table   table
&Nbsp;   3. environmental contrasts: If you want to want to show that ancient Chinese furniture in wood grain, carving patterns and colors of unique charm, you must pay attention to lighting, floors and walls to heighten the role of ancient furniture. Soft lighting can highlight the natural texture of wood, light colored walls can bring out the elegant charm of ancient furniture.
&Nbsp;   Chair: get rid of the pedal to lower the height
&Nbsp;   of traditional furniture chairs, are the necessities of life. Since Ming and Qing people's thinking has also been etiquette, concepts such as religious, feudal ideas about differentiated, seniority is also reflected in the furniture design, those deemed not right triangles, trapezoid shape was completely negative. Unlike the West, strange design, Chinese Chair of the few styling changes.
&Nbsp;   over Chinese-style chairs, on the foot is not directly on the ground, on foot but on a 10 cm, seat height 54 cm. Because of the ancient House is brick ground, in order to prevent the northern winter and rainy season in the South, body touching the ground will get cold, the ancients used foot, feet off the ground for some distance. People living on the concrete floor, carpet or flooring, wet insulation insulation of cold feet are no longer needed. Lost Chinese Chair of the foot would be too high and, therefore, new Chinese furniture Chair height should be down to about 44 cm.
&Nbsp;   bookcase: modified
&Nbsp;   ancient shelves, styling of course Needless to say, but can not meet the modern requirements. Books of the ancients is made of bamboo, paper bound in wire-nail, normally one pile. Large compartment, partition thickness is thin. How is wood pulp paper and today's book, particularly heavy books made of paper, people tend to take the book placed vertically. Traditional shelf are not the right size, both partitions, partition the space between load-bearing needs to be recalculated, to meet the storage needs of modern people.

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